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Sixth edition of EuroSchool takes place in Azerbaijan

azerbThe sixth EuroSchool for young people aged 18-25 started today in Azerbaijan. The School, organised by the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan with the participation of the Young European Ambassadors (YEAs), will run from 8 to 10 August.

The school sessions focus on the EU, its history and institutions, fundamental principles and values, the process of alignment and harmonisation of legislation, EU decision-making, the European Neighbourhood Policy, the Eastern Partnership initiative, disinformation, and EU-Azerbaijan relations.

Peter Michalko, the EU Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told the opening session: EuroSchool is a great opportunity that allows young people to enhance their understanding of the European Union, its values, functioning and partnership with Azerbaijan. I believe that by organising these kinds of events that bring together young people from Azerbaijan and from the EU Member States, we are contributing to the development of our strong relations in so many areas now and in the future. The EU in Azerbaijan will continue to support and inspire young people in pursuing their ambitions, education opportunities and professional development, for the benefit of the people of Azerbaijan and the EU-Azerbaijan cooperation.


For more information: EU Neighbours East

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