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UfM and Interreg Euro-MED programme are launching the MED Talks

ufmThe UfM and the Interreg Euro-MED programme are launching MED Talks. The initiative promotes dialogue between Euro-MED and the Southern and Eastern countries in the Mediterranean. A first webinar will take place the 05 December 2023 at 10.00 (CEST). This MED Talks webinar will be a unique opportunity to discuss and exchange with Interreg Euro-MED on Mediterranean challenges such as the green and blue economy, the natural resources protection, the development of sustainable living areas and a low-impact tourism.

The webinar is open to all practitioners in any of these fields in Mediterranean region, including Southern and Eastern countries of the Mediterranean. It will be the occasion to contact the Interreg Euro-MED projects and participate in the various working groups, thematic activities, capacity building, networks, campaigns and other activities that are being organized. The knowledge, experience and work of Southern and Eastern stakeholders can join forces with Euro-MED to improve the Mediterranean.
For more information: EU Neighbours South

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