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TANDEM DigiArt Award: Calling Digital Artists

news-digiart_plan-de-travail-1-372x141As part of the Speak up culture! campaign, the EU Neighbours South programme is launching a new competition for visual digital art: the TANDEM DigiArt Award. This new category celebrates the power of collaboration and recognises that creativity goes beyond traditional media.

The TANDEM DigiArt Award thematic focus is “empowerment in all its forms”. Participants are encouraged to explore and communicate messages relating to the various EU-funded initiatives of empowerment in the Southern Neighbourhood, including the successes of young professionals and the impact of work and education on individuals and communities.

In order to participate :
Dive into the Entry Toolkit!
Partner with a fellow artist. Only TANDEM entries (pairs) will be accepted, so team-up!
Make sure you produce a video* using digital art techniques. Get creative !
Submit your video along with an application through this link. Remember you have until 31 July 2024 so don’t miss the deadline!

For more information: EU Neighbours South

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