EU promotes vocational education in Azerbaijan

azerbaijanOn 17 August, the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the State Agency on Vocational Education (SAVE) launched a campaign to promote vocational education among youth in Azerbaijan.

As part of this campaign, vocational education graduates who became successful professionals are featured on posters displayed in bus stations and different locations throughout Baku.

The campaign, which will be active until October, will also provide continuous information about how young people can enroll in vocational education and start a successful career.

This initiative is organised as part of the ‘VET for the Future: Development of VET Providers’ Excellence in Azerbaijan’ project, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP in partnership with SAVE. The project aims to support the modernisation of VET institutions in Azerbaijan to deliver competence-based training in order to increase the attractiveness and labour market relevance of VET. news 30-08-2021

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