SOLiD – Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood



SOLiD is a pioneer programme whose ultimate goal is to promote a dynamic, inclusive and reinforced social dialogue via the development of the capacity of Trade Unions and their homologues of Employers’ Associations and civil society organizations and the promotion of a civic and multipartite dialogue between the social partners in three target countries: Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco, in view of the major political changes that the southern Mediterranean region witnessed since 2011.

The inception of an enabling environment for social dialogue;
The promotion of a Community of Practice (CoP) via the exchange of best practices and innovative social dialogue models endorsed in the EU-Southern Mediterranean region;
An enhanced awareness on the economic and social situation in the 3 target countries;
The assessment of social dialogue institutionalization levers based on an enhanced cooperation between the social partners.

Capacity building workshops: that aim at raising awareness among the social partners on the key role of social dialogue in the region
Research and analytic studies: A set of effective actions and strategies providing support for the development and the progress throughout the operations.
Sharing of experiences and exchanges seminars: A critical activity for the mutual understanding and an enriching tool for addressing apparent conflicts of interest
Thematic discussions: brainstorming on innovative approaches and challenges of social dialogue
Dialogues with civil society and local authorities: an effective way to inject innovation and new know-how to the project.
Database and accumulated experience and expertise: an asset for future work on social dialogue in the region
Communication actions: A pool of support activities for the project including advisory and managements structures, monitoring and evaluation, and the communication plan and visibility actions and material of the activities, the outcomes and results.
Conferences to enhance the community of practice: promote social dialogue between EU – South social partners and social dialogue institutions

Implementing partners
International Trade Union Confederation – ITUC
Arab Trade Union Confederation – ATUC
The Union of Mediterranean Confederation of Enterprises – BUSINESSMED
Arab NGO Network for Development – ANND
Italian Union Institute for Cooperation and Development – ISCOS
Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Morocco – CESE Morocco
European Network of NGOs – SOLIDAR
National Labor Council – CNT Belgium
The Institute South Project – Progetto SUD Italy
Portugal Industry Association – AIP

For more information: EU Neighbours South

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