Decline in human empathy creates global risks in the ‘Age of Anger’

Young woman sitting on rooftop at night, using smartphone, illuminating faceOur interconnected world has never had more lonely, angry people. Is technology responsible for a decline in human empathy?

As today’s economy grows more interconnected, a new global phenomenon has emerged: the growing number of people who feel disconnected and isolated.

Technology is revolutionizing the workplace, and creating unprecedented opportunities for business and society as the physical, digital and biological worlds increasingly merge. While technological change always causes stress, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by a blurring of the line between the human and the technological, according to the Global Risks Report 2019, published by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Zurich Insurance Group.

The result of this blurring has been an increase in loneliness, rising polarization and a corresponding decline in empathy. And unlike previous waves of globalization, today’s feelings of discontent aren’t just confined to displaced workers. For business leaders, the challenge is to create a corporate culture of openness and diversity that is responsive to the concerns of employees and customers.

Financial Times

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